Shipping Policy

  1. Shipping costs are not covered in the basic price of an item.
  2. For shipping quotations please contact FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE.
  3. Whenever the Buyer chooses to transport the product(s) by their own method or means, FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE will be free of any charges or responsibility over events that might occur after the goods come out of the warehouse.
  4. If the transportation is arranged by FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE, it will be charged separately from the products’ value. Please note that all transportation services require the receiver of the good to verify their status with the carrier upon delivery.
  5. Shipment arranged by FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE includes door-to-door, drop off service only. Delivery personnel are limited to delivering to physical shipping address only. The personnel are not permitted to handle, uncrate, or remove any packaging or materials. Should the Buyer request a specific method of shipment beyond the aforementioned shipping method of the Seller, the Buyer is subjected to all additional costs of additional services.
    • Additional services would include, but are not limited to: air freight, special handling, and/or white glove services.
  6. The receiver shall verify the goods conditions with the carrier on the receipt and keep the package. POD (Proof of Delivery) must be signed by the receiver. In case of apparent damage, the receiver must open the goods in front of the carrier and mention the damages on POD. The receiver should keep the products in the final destination and save the packages. In case of no apparent damage, the receiver must mention on POD – ‘received the goods but conditions will be checked’.
  7. All items must be inspected for damage prior to signing the Proof of Delivery (POD). Therefore, responsibility for damage occurring in transit is the Buyer’s responsibility and all claims for freight damage must be made within 48 hours after reception. FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE will not accept any claim on merchandise after a 48-hour period. Digital photographs of damaged goods and boxes will be required for replacement of damaged goods. Save all damaged crates/packaging until claim with carrier is settled. Signature of receipt by Buyer’s agent or employee constitutes full acceptance of all packages stated on the bill of landing or electronic clipboard in as is condition. The Buyer is responsible for all shipping and return charges for any shipment that is refused as well as forfeiture of the Buyer’s deposit. The refusal of damaged merchandise in no way relieves the Buyer of responsibility for payment of goods. The Seller shall not be liable for delay in shipment for any cause, nor shall any delay entitle the Buyer to cancel or refuse delivery of any order that has been shipped. FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE will not honor any claims without a formal written claim and photos of damages of the product, crate and packaging.
  8. Damages that are caused by the Freight Carrier and occurred during transit from FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE to the addressee, are not the responsibility of FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE. It is the receiver’s responsibility to inspect items received upon delivery to ensure proper measures can be taken to file a claim with the Freight Carrier.

8.1. The addressee is responsible for opening the package in the moment of the delivery, check the furniture, and report it right away in the POD (proof of delivery). Provide photographical evidence within a month of delivery to FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE so it can solve the delivery damage claim with the Freight Carrier, as well.

  1. Should any of these terms not be followed by the Buyer and should FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE have photographical evidence of the items before shipping in good conditions, claims over such items will not be accepted by FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE.
  2. FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE will not be liable for any damages resulting from handling, loading or unloading by persons acting on behalf of the receiver. Any transportation of the piece from destination to a second location will forfeit any transportation damage claim.
  3. FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE reserves the right to charge an extra 10% of the transportation price if the Buyer postpones the expedition within 3 days or less prior to the agreed departure date.
  4. Any shipments returned to Seller as a result of Buyer’s unexcused delay or failure to accept delivery will require Buyer to pay all additional costs incurred by Seller including storage fees.
  5. When the Buyer’s order is nearing completion, FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE will notify them so shipment can be arranged.
  6. All products are carefully packed and inspected prior to shipment.
  7. The refusal of damaged merchandise in no way relieves the purchase of responsibility for payment of goods. FORMA ROSSA FURNITURE is not responsible for goods loss or damage during the shipping time.